Bands with Brands

You’ve seen ’em, or heard ’em I should say.  The catchy songs from the iPod commercials. You know, those tunes that get stuck in your head and all day you’re asking friends, who is that artist?


From the Sunday Times

Bands are getting into bed with consumer brands

“There’s no doubt we are at a crossroads,” says Steve Levine, producer of Culture Club and a spokesman for artists’ issues with the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters. Having consulted on brand-related music projects, he has seen a marked change in musicians’ attitudes: “It’s as if we’ve suddenly become aware of the truth behind the smoke and mirrors of the record deal. Most artists now understand how the business works and who their fans are. That is always going to be valuable to a brand. It’s certainly a freer, more equal relationship. Record companies have to own everything, because their whole model is based on selling records – ‘Is it a hit, will it make us our money back?’ If brands do nothing other than free musicians from the tyranny of needing a radio-friendly smash to have a career, it has to be a positive.”


Is this a good thing?  Do independent artists want to ‘sell out’ this way?  Slap a few logos on your CD’s, wear branded clothing, etc.  It cant be that bad but the brands have to be aware that artists dont want to become billboards.  Remember when rental cars had signs and graphics all over them so everyone would know that you were from out of town?  What ever happened to that kind of advertising?  I’ll tell you.  It sucks!

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