Talk Like A Pirate Day

Since landlubbers arrrr usually fergettin how to properly identify those of the piratey ilk, I’ve drawn up me plans how to make em all believers in the great ways of the Pastafarians.

First, ye may have to be provin’ yer piratey-ness by showin’ em what ye got under that patch or kilt, or ye let em take a gander at yer wooden leg, even make em sharpen ye hook if ye hafta. Me? I always get em when I toss me prosthetic head at em! Perhaps even suggest they consult wit me head doctor?

Another sure way to best the yellerbellies and woo the wenches is to demonstrate how to properly make Ramen.

Step 1: Pound ye fist on the booty.

Step 2: Open the treasure.

Step 3: Cram the sacred noodles in yer mouth hole.

Step 4: Pour the flavor packet on yer tongue.

Step 5: Drink boiling water.


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