How to Channel our Kids’ Computer Time into a Passion with Purpose

Hello Parents,

Over the years I’ve had many parents ask for advice about gaming addictions, fears their child may be growing into a hacker, securing online identities and other stories that leave parents wondering what to do about all the technology in their children’s lives.

Most times it’s not as bad as it seems because we’re nipping it in the bud, but to a parent that may not even know what their kids are doing on the computer it can sometimes seem rather scary.

This is why I’ve decided to collect all of my emails and presentations about these topics and put them all in one helpful place for all parents to benefit.
Stay t00ned for this Informative Series:


How to Channel our Kids’ Computer Time into Passion with Purpose.

– Part 1: Gaming Moderation
Learn to Channel Gaming Skills into Real World Outcomes that Benefit the Real World! Use Collaboration, Artistic, Technical and Storytelling Skills to Become Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Real world heros!

– Part 2: Hacking
Understand Hacking, What Makes it a Good Thing and How to Avoid Illegal Activity. What is a White Hat Hacker vs. a Black Hat Hacker?

– Part 3: Jobs of the Future
Jobs that Robots Will Not Be Able To Do. Finding fulfilling career paths that include Creativity and Empathy. Entrepreneurs are Storytellers.

– Part 4: Parental Controls
Password Protecting Your Family Home Network, Using a Password Manager, Setting Parental Controls with Time Restrictions and Content Filters.

– Part 5: Social Media
What is the Right Age for a Child to Join Facebook and other Social Media Sites? How to Protect your Child’s Identity, Reputation and from Making Bad Choices about What to Share Online.

– Part 6: Downloading
Teach Kids How to Avoid Getting Viruses and Malware, Understanding Bit Torrents and Pirating, Copyrights, Creative Commons and Public Domain.


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~ Jay Clayton
Spread the Weird Studio

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