Salvador Dali Inspired Game Table

This special gift was inspired by Salvador Dali's art and made for playing games and entertaining freinds. It was made for my sister's 5 year wedding anniversary. The table is totally handcrafted from wood and incoporates 5 murals that accommodate many re-moveable parts, pieces, pegs and pictures. The table has 4 drawers that can be locked and 2 main playing surfaces which include a chess set, cribbage board and an engraved maze.

They spent a lot of time in the library and mentioned that it would be nice to have a table to play games on and which went with the Salvador Dali theme already there in the room.

Some time later I made the first 3D model of the table and put it aside for its gestation period. Over the next couple of years the design came into being with sketches and templates and finding items that would bring it to life.

Dali's Painting "Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey"

This painting provided the main surface with a scene and palatte that allowed for many whittled pegs (and a hand) as well as drink coasters made with elements from the original image.

Dali's Painting "The Great Masturbator"

The second playing surface features a cribbage board, some modeling clay, a lily and a grasshopper.

Dali's painting "Two Pieces Of Bread, Expressing The Sentiment Of Love"

The upper surface also incorporates a chess board with two pieces of bread that represent love and prosperity.

Dali's painting "Eggs On The Plate Without The Plate"

Like the painting, this egg has a plate.

Dali's painting "The Ants"

The wheat also represents prosperity. In the center you can see the tip of the lock that secures the drawers.

Here is what the lock looks like when removed.

This key must be rotated to release the lock and is hidden in a hard to find spot.

Other keys have a sliding mechanism and are disquised by 30 dummy keys that do nothing but cover every surface of the table.

Here the drawers are seen open and filled with games.

And profile views from each end of the drawers.

A single draw removed from the table.

A small treasure box to keep all the playing pieces, pegs and ants.

To keep the table from drooping and melting a pecan crutch holds it up and it also has a plug.

This hole is the beginning and ending point of the maze that surrounds the main surface.

There are 12 small mazes that are engraved and connected with color-coded "portals" that requires the player to choose the correct portal and jump around the board to different mazes.

The finished piece.

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